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About Dr Libby

My mission is to educate and inspire people, improving their health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.

Some people have a unique and contagious effervescence about them; an x-factor that compels you to want to be around them; a magnetism that evokes a desire to share in their knowledge; and an energy that, of its own accord, truly inspires and motivates.

Dr Libby, PhD is one such person.

Dr Libby Weaver (nee Ellis) is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, author and speaker, now based in Sydney, Australia.

With an extraordinary ability to relate to all demographics, from all walks of life, Dr Libby is a dynamic and highly experienced presenter, who can successfully educate 9 people in a boardroom or 9,000 people on a stage alongside America’s Dr Oz.

She is a five times number one bestselling author of the books Accidentally Overweight, Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, Real Food Chef, Beauty from the Inside Out and Real Food Kitchen.

With a background in biochemistry and a natural ability to break down even the most complex of concepts into layman’s terms, Dr Libby’s health messages are globally relevant, which is why her holistic approach and unique form of education is embraced by audiences across the world.

Her PhD examined the biochemical and nutritional factors in children with autism, and her findings have since changed the way the condition is treated in Australia and New Zealand.

Armed with abundant knowledge, scientific research and a true desire to help others see their own light and beauty, Dr Libby empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and happiness.

It’s no surprise that when it comes to achieving and maintaining ultimate health and wellbeing, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness described her as a “one stop shop in achieving and maintaining ultimate health and wellbeing”.

About Chris


In 2006 Chris made a decision that would change his life in more ways than he could imagine.

He enrolled to participate in a 5 day event at Gwinganna Health Retreat. He was particularly taken by the week long presentations from Dr Libby Ellis. He resolved that the best thing he could do for his health was to get Dr Libby to move in with him. In July 2008 he was lucky enough to marry Libby and Dr Libby Weaver was created.

Chris has been the driving force behind Dr Libby as together they have developed the brand you see today. In May 2012, Chris left his CEO role at the Auckland Racing Club to assume the role of CEO and Chairman of Dr Libby Ltd full time. He brings 26 years of business experience developed in Leadership Roles at Ellerslie, Lion Nathan, Coca-Cola and Virgin.

About Jenny


Jenny Brooks an experienced nutritionist, naturopath and medical herbalist. Dr Libby has been “chasing” Jenny to join her team for some years given her extensive qualifications, experience, impressive biochemical knowledge and her kind and empathetic nature.

Dr Libby has worked with Jenny (at arms length) for the last 4 years in developing strategies to help her clients. Dr Libby was thrilled when Jenny joined the Dr Libby Team on a permanent basis and she carries out the role of holistic nutrition consultant and medical herbalist. Jenny has over 8 years clinical experience working with people in a consulting and educational level. She worked for 4 years in a family practice in Brisbane, Australia. She has also been a lecturer in numerous educational institutions in New Zealand. Jenny is fully trained in the Dr Libby method.

Jenny has an extensive background in herbal medicine which is an integral part of the Dr Libby method. Herbs are often key to getting biochemical shifts (usually short term use of herbs.) Jenny tailors your plan specifically for your current health situation and is experienced with a wide variety of conditions. She has also worked extensively with children in nutritional management of behavioral disorders and allergies. You will leave the session with a nutrition plan, insight into your emotional landscape (where that is necessary) and herbal medicine if / when necessary.

Jenny gets great results with her clients as a very happy lady wrote to us recently. This is truly why we do what we do! Nothing gives us greater joy than witnessing a shift in someone’s health. Jenny is a superstar within the Dr Libby Team. We are very blessed to have her as part of our team.

For years I have suffered from PMT …. severe mood swings, low energy, erratic angry outbursts, sadness, depression and a daily roller coaster of emotions. With my marriage hanging by a string and two small children unsure of which ‘mum’ they would get today… Someone suggested my hormones may be out of balance and to see Jenny at Dr Libbys office. After 2 weeks of being on the herbs Jenny gave me I felt calmer, more balanced and more energetic. After 2 months it has completely changed my life. I literally feel like a different person. I can regulate my own emotions, I can deal with the stress of daily life, I am happier, balanced and in control of my life and have a heap of energy. My kids are more settled and well behaved and my husband and I are more in love than we have been. Thank you Jenny!!!! You changed my world!!! - Sue (Auckland)

About Kate


Kate Wilkie studied Nutrition and Marketing at the University of Otago. Having worked in both pharmacy and the natural health industry, she joined the Dr Libby Team as a consultant. Utilising her marketing skills she later transferred to a research and communications role.

Kate had an integral role in producing Dr Libby’s third and fifth books Dr Libby’s The Real Food Chef and Dr Libby’s Real Food Kitchen, working alongside Chef Cynthia and Dr Libby.

About Leanne


Leanne Ball, aka ‘Amazeballs’ is our newest team member who joined the Dr Libby team in July 2013, Leanne is based in Sydney Australia.

Leanne brings 11 years of corporate experience from accounting, marketing, PA, to event management, experience gained from her time at Working Title TV, Deloitte & Touche, Visa Australia and KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr. Armed with a passion for Dr Libby’s message and all things health and wellness, she is dedicated to assisting Chris and Libby so that they can go about their work, spreading the message of health and happiness across the globe.

“I don’t say this lightly, Dr Libby’s work and gorgeous heart have changed my life, dramatically, from my skin, to the way I see myself in the world, to how I manage stress, to my weight. Like Chris, I needed to find a way to have wonderful Libby in my life, he had already married her so becoming her friend and PA was the next best option. It’s a joy to be part of the Dr Libby Team”

About Dee


Danielle Bassett (Dee) joined the Dr Libby Ltd business in August 2012 as the teams Organising Guru.

Dee brings a wealth of admin experience developed over 14 years at Below the Line Ltd and then Alta in Queenstown. Dee is responsible for the primary client interface, the office management and supporting the team at Dr Libby to ensure we are all able to deliver upon the Dr Libby Ltd mission.

About Imogen


Imogen Shephard comes from a PR background and previously worked in event management, brand strategy, marketing communications and media management.

Imogen has a Bachelor of Communications from Auckland University of Technology where she majored in public relations and took radio and music papers for fun.

Some words from Imogen: Understanding the biochemistry of my body has completely changed the way I view health – not only in terms of what we do for our bodies but also what we do for our mind. I cannot think of a message more true and more vitally important and feel truly blessed to be working with Dr Libby and her wonderful team, representing a message that I so whole heartedly believe in.

With a passion for skincare and beauty Imogen is particularly interested in the effects of stress hormones and optimal nutrition on skin.

About Jess


Jess is our newest team member who joined our team in September 2013 as our Organisational Guru. Jess has recently graduated after studying Nutrition and Journalism at Massey University in Auckland. Jess is very passionate about maternal and child nutrition and fascinated by the effects it can have latter on in life, Jess hopes to focus more on this aspect of nutrition in the near future.

From Jess: ‘I am very food focused and have always enjoyed cooking, creating recipes and experimenting with new foods. I love that I can use my passion for food to teach people how to nourish themselves better’.