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30th August - 23rd November
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Are you frustrated when it comes to food and what to eat? Confused about all the latest nutrition trends and fads or unsure if you should be curbing your calorie or carb intake?

Do you feel like you wage a daily battle between what your tastebuds want and what your body really craves — no longer trusting your own instincts and desires?

From how much food and how often to eat, to what kinds and whose advice to listen to — many people feel as though they just wish they had someone who could tell them what to eat.

In this powerful two-hour event Dr Libby takes all the confusion out of food. In her usual down-to-earth style, she’ll guide you with the best food choices to make for you, helping to remove any guesswork from what to eat, when and why.

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Find out :
  • What to eat, how much and when
  • Ways to curb emotional eating or out-of-control snacking
  • How to ensure you are getting adequate nutrients – particularly if you follow a certain way of eating e.g. vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low carb
  • How to regulate your appetite
  • How to ensure your children are getting the right nutrients
  • The lowdown on the latest food trends
  • How to read a food label for nourishment
  • If eating fat can make you fat
  • Ways to spot hidden sugar in foods
  • Why you may overeat or undereat when you feel stressed, tired, overwhelmed or even happy
  • If food could be behind your feelings of tiredness, bloating and discomfort.

The food choices you make have the power to change your life.

You will be amazed at the number of small changes you can make to your food and the profound impact these changes can have on your health and the way you feel each day.

It is possible to change your relationship with food, forever.

Join Dr Libby and find out how.

This event is for anyone who:
  • Would like to get a handle on their eating habits
  • Struggles with cravings and eating too much
  • Is ready to get the most out of their body through the power of nourishment
  • Wants a definitive answer to what’s ‘healthy’ and what’s not
  • Feels like they freak out over food
  • Is ready to stop yo-yo dieting once and for all
  • Would like to know more about what food does in their body
  • Craves a life where they can invest their energy in other things rather than obsessing/worrying over their weight or food
  • Wants to eat what they love and love what they eat
  • Is looking to better understand themselves, their motivations and their relationships with food.

Australian Tour Locations

Gold Coast Thank You

Gold Coast

Mon 4th Sept 2017

Canberra Thank You


Tue 5th Sept 2017

Adelaide Thank You


Wed 6th Sept 2017

Sunshine Coast Thank You

Sunshine Coast

Thu 7th Sept 2017

Melbourne Thank You


Tue 12th Sept 2017

Brisbane Thank You


Thu 14th Sept 2017

Tamworth Thank You


Mon 18th Sept 2017

Newcastle Thank You


Tue 19th Sept 2017

Sydney Thank You


Wed 20th Sept 2017

Perth Thank You


Thu 21st Sept 2017

New Zealand Tour Locations

Tauranga Thank You


Wed 30th Aug 2017

Auckland Thank You


Thu 31st Aug 2017

Hamilton Thank You


Mon 25th Sept 2017

Warkworth Thank You


Tue 26th Sept 2017

Auckland Thank You


Wed 27th Sept 2017

Napier - Hastings Thank You

Napier - Hastings

Mon 2nd Oct 2017

Palmerston North Thank You

Palmerston North

Tue 3rd Oct 2017

Wellington Thank You


Wed 4th Oct 2017

New Plymouth Thank You

New Plymouth

Thu 5th Oct 2017

Invercargill Thank You


Mon 9th Oct 2017

Cromwell Thank You


Tue 10th Oct 2017

Dunedin Thank You


Wed 11th Oct 2017

Christchurch Thank You


Thu 12th Oct 2017

Timaru Thank You


Fri 13th Oct 2017

Blenheim Thank You


Mon 16th Oct 2017

Nelson Thank You


Tue 17th Oct 2017

Christchurch Thank You


Wed 18th Oct 2017

Christchurch Thank You


Thu 19th Oct 2017



Thu 23rd Nov 2017

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