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5 Tips to save your skin this winter

Last updated on June 18th, 2019

Dry, flakey skin doesn’t have to be your reality this winter. Here are our five top tips for glowing skin this winter.


Skin loves hydration! Your skin is your biggest organ and it needs a steady supply of fluid to stay hydrated, plump and glowing. Ensure that you are drinking plenty of filtered water, herbal tea, organic bone broth and veggie juices to help keep your body and skin hydrated. Fluids also help to flush out any harmful substances from the body and prevent these substances from needing to be excreted through the skin, where they can cause damage.


Start by eating real food. Real food, as it comes in natures is packed with a range of nutrients, all of which promote great skin. Avoid processed food, caffeine and alcohol and notice the difference this makes to your skin. Vitamin C is particularly helpful for skin as it helps to combat free radical damage, which is part of the cause of aging and wrinkles. Vitamin C rich foods include citrus fruit, kiwi fruit, capsicum and broccoli.

Skin loves fat! Fat helps the skin to maintain its moisture barrier which helps keep skin soft and prevent drying. Flaky and dry skin or cracked heels and cuticles can be a sign that you are lacking in essential fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are particularly helpful for skin, and is the type of fat that most people are deficient in. Oily fish like sustainable sardines or salmon, chia seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts are all great omega 3 rich fats to include in your diet. Coconut oil also makes a great topical moisturiser to use on dry patches of skin.

Be careful with your skin

Your skin is a delicate organ, so be aware of what you are allowing to come into contact with it. Every day our skin is exposed to substances in the air and from our environment that are less than ideal, so it is important to not compound this problem by using harmful skincare or make up products as well. Look for skin products that use organic ingredients and are free from synthetic substances. This ensures that the products we use to assist the outside aren’t doing more harm than good.

Consider not wearing make up all of the time. Give your skin a break, prevent clogged pores, and allow it to breathe. Keep your hands away from your face as much as possible, as our hands are covered in bacteria and it is best not to transfer this bacteria to our face where it can cause problems.

Start brushing

Dry brushing is when you use a soft bristled brush to brush your skin. This technique increases blood flow to the skin, boosts lymphatic drainage – which helps remove waste products from the body, and exfoliates the skin. Always brush towards the heart. After brushing apply nourishing oils like coconut or olive oil to hydrate your skin.

Look after your gut

The face is a useful tool for exploring deeper issues. Flare ups of pimples, acne, rosacea, eczema, and rashes are a signal that other body systems may not be functioning at their best. More often than not it is the gut that is not as happy as it could be. Poor digestion can lead to liver detoxification pathways that then struggle to clear unwanted substances from the body. When these substances are not eliminated efficiently the body looks for another way to excrete them and the skin is then used as an excretory organ. This can trigger pimples, rashes and other skin troubles. A diet high in plant foods, lots of water and avoiding caffeine, trans fats, processed sugars and alcohol can all contribute to good digestion and happy, radiant, clear skin.

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