Whether consciously or unconsciously, many people are frustrated with their body weight and have a real desire to get their health in great shape.

They fret over their body’s appearance or function on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis. Their thoughts become consumed with how they will “do things differently tomorrow”. This frustration and niggling worry can take up valuable headspace, deeply affect their self-esteem, influence their moods, how they relate to others…and not to mention their ability to lose body fat.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Inspired by her best-selling book Accidentally Overweight, Dr Libby presents Weight Loss for Women – a nine-week practical course overflowing with guidance and tuition to help you solve your weight loss puzzle.

If you’ve ever wondered “what would Dr Libby say” about certain foods, how your body works, why you just can’t resist that snack or why you can’t seem to lose weight no matter how much you try, then this course will empower you with answers.

Guided by her philosophy that you have to be healthy to lose weight, this program will help you to get your health in great shape and reactivate your body’s ability to burn body fat as a fuel.

With daily support, during this 9 week journey you will:

  • Learn how to find enjoyment in eating again, without worrying about how food is going to affect your body shape
  • Understand the science of weight loss so you know how to work with your body to achieve optimal health — and not feel like your body is betraying you
  • Gain energy, vitality and a renewed sense of how amazing you truly are
  • Be guided through a step-by-step process to help you get to the heart of unresourceful eating
  • Understand how your body works and how best to support its processes
  • Finally kick that sugar addiction and experience what it’s like for sugar to no longer be your preference
  • Become part of a community, with an opportunity to share, ask questions and feel supported through your weight loss journey

As part of this course, you’ll receive:

Daily emails
Daily emails from Dr Libby each morning to help guide your weight loss journey

Educational videos
48 educational videos from Dr Libby, plus three bonus restorative videos.

53 downloadable resources
Worksheets, key points and checklists to help you uncover the behaviours and beliefs that might be inhibiting your body fat loss

Questions answered by Dr Libby
Two opportunities to put your questions to Dr Libby throughout the course

10 short recipe eBooks
Filled with delicious ways to nourish your body and inspiration to guide your food choices

Accidentally Overweight eBook
A copy of the best-selling eBook Accidentally Overweight

The Calorie FallacyThe Calorie Fallacy eBook
A copy of the best-selling eBook The Calorie Fallacy

Love eCards
Access to our special Love eCards to help give you that little extra nudge of encouragement and support on the challenging days

Access to the forum
and the course platform for 12 weeks where you will be supported through the whole course


Fantastic course – exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend to anyone, not just for those interested in weight loss.


For many years, my first waking thought was what do I weigh today.

Always hopped on the scales; and it is so liberating not to have those thoughts now.I know I have to trust the process and I do believe my clothes are starting to loosen.

Te Awamutu

Great value for money for 9 weeks.  If you need to save money to pay for the course, cut out on coffee and it’s done!


Just absolute sincere thanks …  life changing on so many levels that I just wasn’t expecting ;)


I am 68 years old and I so wish I had this information years ago. This has been a transformational experience and I will continue to work along the pathways suggested by Dr Libby.


Thank you for changing my life. The knowledge I have will stay with me, and if I forget, I have the beautiful resources to remind me. Your work is inspirational. Again, a million thanks.


I have a new perspective on what it means when people say ‘look after yourself’. I totally recommend this course – money very well spent.


Dr Libby’s vision and work is life changing. I feel so privileged to have found her work and that it resonates with me. After years of trying to fix one part of me (my weight) I can now calmly enter my 50’s knowing my weight will regulate itself… Weight loss is, remarkably, secondary to how fantastic I feel. My gratitude is sincere and profoundly deep xx.

Palmerston North

Just my gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I actually think understanding the science behind why our bodies do what they do; how things work and why they don’t; and the gentle way in which Dr Libby delivers this, has been fundamental to my success. Give this a go. Commit to it for nine weeks and it really can start to change your life. Don’t expect 10kg to drop off in 3 days. Just observe, as your pants WILL become looser and people will comment on how well you look; and you will get to know and understand your body in ways you have never before. Do it…you deserve this. With lots of love, less belly rolls, and smaller pants Lea-Anne


I have already recommended the course to friends  – keep up the good work.


Thanks so much for an amazing course with so much rich content. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and cannot believe how much I have learnt about the body. Dr Libby, you are such a caring and lovely human being and I am honoured to have been able to hear you talk so much.

Weybridge, England, UK

It was the best $300 spent!


The knowledge and insight provided by Dr Libby has helped me to become the old me again and I thank her for this.


Thank you very much for a life changing opportunity.


I have been a follower of Dr Libby’s for a long time. This course has really assisted me in putting her ideas into practice. This course has shown me that it is possible to make these changes, where as in the past I have been overwhelmed with taking big steps. I have loved every minute of this course.


Just that this was by far the best weight loss course I have ever done. I have been empowered to not only lose weight but be the best version of myself that I can be, thank you so much Dr libby for this life changing experience.


It is just amazing how you manage to transfer so much care and warmth via an online course. Thank you very much for all your advice and warm words!!!


As woman with all our health challenges and emotional issues have so desperatly needed your wisdom and guidence. and hope. Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do for womans health.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge – I’ve recommended this course to so many people. Even after doing two of your womens weekends, it has really helped me. Plus a great reminder of what I need to do for great health. Thanks x


This course has helped me to understand how my body functions in relation to the food I eat, the stress I have, the emotions I feel and the exercise or movement I do.


The money, time and effort spent in this 9 week journey has been absolutely life changing and totally worth it. I am now armed with a much deeper knowledge of how my body works and why we should do certain things. Three months ago I would never have imagined that I was eating, breathing and doing the things that I am now.


This has been a fabulous course. Although I’ve  heard Dr Libby speak and read her books I felt like she was talking directly to me. I also enjoyed focusing on one thing each day for 9 weeks and  exploring things deeply, especially my emotions. Thank you so much.


Thank you Doctor Libby and Team.

I believe you are the reason I am so much more content in myself and looking forward to the future confident in my nutrition and my health

Te Aroha

Lately – I have been told quite randomly by people who know me – that I am beautiful. Not that I ‘look’ beautiful, but that ‘I’ am beautiful.  Thank you so much.


I’ve loved this whole course , as it has been varied and so informative. I’m so grateful that Dr. Libby has offered this as it’s a wonderful way of encompassing so many women around the world at once.


Even though I have read all of Dr Libby’s books, I felt the way Dr Libby presented this course and the additional downloads of information was the next level up. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to lose weight or for anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing in general.


Just want to say a huge thank you to Dr Libby & the Dr Libby team from the bottom of my heart for putting together this wonderful course. It has been such a privilege to learn so much from Dr Libby & to have her in our home as I studied each day on line. I now have such a better understanding on how my inner body systems work & what I need to do to feel  my  best. I truly believe that every woman would benefit by taking this course. Thank you so so much : ).


The best health advice I have ever been given and would love everyone to gain all the benefits and advice that Dr Libby has to share. The course was value for money and would recommend it to all my family & friends.


This course has been great. DrLibby has invaded my kitchen and as a result the family is eating more nutritious food. Would recommend this for everyone.


I would like to thank Dr Libby and her team for this course as its been the most inspiring food journey I have embarked on. The information and guidance was brilliant. I feel, for me, its not a 9 week course but rather a way of life. Thanks so much x


Thank you Dr Libby and your amazing team for delivering educational messages, love, nutritional food and for truly tapping into something special –  ourselves!  I look forward to my journey ahead knowing I can walk through the jungle of diets, exercise crazes and negative people yet know what is right for me, never doubting myself!
Your books, your courses, your supplements and you are truly amazing.  I look forward to finally meeting you in person on one of your events in Australia or NZ.  I also look forward to passing on the many wonderful things I have learnt to my daughter who is just entering into her teens.


This is a superb course, I would recommend it to anyone with any health issues at all, not just weight problems.. Dr Libby is truly inspiring and very skilled at communicating. It would be hard to come out of this course without feeling healthier and happier!! Many thanks!


I feel for the first time in many years that I have a future to look forward to. I am so very grateful for this online course; it really has changed my life.

Te Aroha

You are a truly inspiration woman, Dr Libby, and have been a great influence in and on my life for many years. This course is simply magnificent and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to participate and for the many downloads which will be a constant reminder to live well, love life and give it all I’ve got.


This should be compulsory viewing for all young women. I have tried to share with my twin 20 year old daughters as much as I can without preaching.  And thank you for making it affordable… I have changed my life around.Please

Make this available again and I will tell everyone about it I promise!


I have always been a yo-yo dieter with never any long term success.  With Dr Libby’s course I now understand how to nourish my body and this has become my focus rather than trying to lose weight in the fastest way possible. The added bonus is that I am losing weight and it doesn’t feel like deprivation.


From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely say this was the best course I have ever done that teaches me so much about myself. I recommend every teenager and woman to do this course.. Dr Libby truely is an angel on this earth. Thank you with much gratitude.


I think that the course was really well balanced covering both the physical side and mental side of eating.  The delivery was very professional and easy to follow.


Thank you Dr Libby for offering a different way of looking at weight loss. You have changed the way I think about weight loss in a positive way and I thank you for it.


This is the most inspiring course I have done – it changes your life in so many ways.


I’ve learnt so much it would be hard to mention everything.  What excites me most is that with this programme I no longer have to spend my day worrying about what I’m eating and how much.  I never realised until now how much this consumed me.

A huge thank you to Dr Libby and her wonderful team for a great programme.


Is a fabulous course – I love it! Feel so much more empowered for manage my own and my families health well. Thank you so much.


I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. The whole course from information about how my body works to the emotional issues made me look at myself differently to how I have ever before. I feel armed now with the strategies to be kind to myself which is benefitting my family in lots of ways. Ripple effect :)

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you . Love Jan

Rural Canterbury

Thank you so much Dr Libby. I loved the course and it has been exactly what I needed for my health.


I wish I had done a course like this 40 years ago. This should be taught at school in the formative years – everyone would benefit.

Hawkes Bay

The course has been put together with such professionalism and grace.  Thank you.


I must admit to feeling rather sad that the course is coming to an end and will certainly miss our daily sessions.
Thank you so very much, Dr Libby and Team, for your knowledge, guidance and wisdom in what has been an amazing, insightful and freeing experience xxx


Just a HUGE thank you! This is exactly what I have been yearning for and intuitively known for the past 10 years but have never found anyone to explain it so simply and clearly. I love my healthy new lifestyle and am calling this course Dr. Libby’s Vibrant Health Course when I talk about it with my friends. It is by far THE BEST thing I have done to better my life. Thank you for your genuine caring and concern for women and all of humanity, Dr. Libby.

Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA

I will be encouraging my friends to enrol whether they need to lose weight as it is a comprehensive health lesson.


Frequently Asked Questions

The total cost for the nine-week course including all the educational videos, daily emails, worksheet downloads, recipe eBooks, inspirations, love cards, Accidentally Overweight eBook, The Calorie Fallacy eBook and bonus videos is only $299.

You can sign up right up until 7pm (NZT) on Sunday 30 April 2017 – the night before the course begins on the Monday!

Once you’ve enrolled into the course, you’ll receive an email from us with all the details you need to login and access the online material. Each of your daily emails from Dr Libby will also direct you back to the site and to the course material for that day.

To ensure you’ve got flexibility and freedom in choosing when you engage with the course, we’ve opted to keep our course online so you can take it at your own pace over the nine weeks. Once the course begins, you’ll receive an email from Dr Libby each day throughout the nine-week program to help keep you inspired and motivated to continue your journey to greater health and vitality.

If you haven’t done so already, you might like to read one of Dr Libby’s books. We’ve paired Accidentally Overweight and The Calorie Fallacy with the course because they best compliment what you’ll be learning however, you may also like to read one of her other great books as well. It might also be a good time to spend some time contemplating what you’re hoping to take away from the course and get clear on any health or wellness goals you might want to achieve.

Once you sign up for the course you’ll be able to access the content on up to three devices. For example, your phone, laptop and tablet.

Absolutely! There will be a forum where you can comment and interact with other participants and The Dr Libby Team under the content for each day.

We’ve specifically selected Accidentally Overweight and The Calorie Fallacy as accompaniments as they best support the course. Even if you’ve already read them it can be helpful to review their content.

Our course memberships are designed solely for your own personal use. We want to create a safe space where you can freely comment on the content, your own journey and interact with the other women in the course. To ensure everyone feels comfortable to do so we need a commitment from all the participants to not share the content with anyone who has not signed up.

The daily emails will be sent to you at 11am EST, which means when you wake up, you will find a lovely gift in your inbox each morning! 11am EST converts to 4am NZST and 2am AEST.

Of course you can! This course would make a lovely gift. Just make sure you enter their email address on sign up.

Once you’ve signed up, there’s nothing else you need to do, we’ll remind you when the course is about to start and then be in touch each day. The only thing you might like to purchase is a journal to track your reflections if you’re someone who benefits from writing things down.

Weight Loss for Women is designed to give women the knowledge they need to feel empowered to make better choices for their health. We believe that weight loss is a byproduct of great health so it’s our mission to help you re-establish a commitment to looking after yourself. There are loads of things that get in the way of us prioritising our health and our body so this course is also about exploring some of the common blocks that come up and why we sometimes do the things we do even though we know better.

The focus of this course is primarily on increasing your health and vitality through improving the biochemical functions within your body. If your body already utilises body fat as a fuel, this course is not going to make you lose more weight. You’ll simply get all the other benefits of nourishing your body.

A greater understanding of all of your body systems and the intricate interaction between them, including how they impact on your body’s ability to access body fat as a fuel source. You’ll also deepen your relationship with yourself through exploring some of the beliefs you’ve built around what you need to do to be loved, your relationship with food, and how you interact with the people in your life.

Absolutely! By following the guidelines suggested in this course, you can alleviate or even eradicate menopausal symptoms, foggy brain, exhaustion, PMS, irritability, moodiness, headaches, migraines, constipation, IBS, reflux, skin breakouts, bloating, sleeping issues, anxiety and a host of other common health concerns. It will also help your body to mobilise body fat and use it as a fuel.

While we do make some suggestions around what to eat, this course offers no strict diet. Our philosophy is to bring you back to trusting yourself and what your own body needs through consuming nutrient-rich wholefoods. To help you with this, we provide 10 mini recipe eBooks to inspire you.

Most of the videos sit around the 10 minute mark though some are longer and some are shorter. Remember you can take the course at your own pace over the nine weeks and it’s designed to be flexible. However, if you wanted to keep pace with the daily content, we estimate between 15-30 minutes a day.

If you have any technical difficulties at all from the moment you sign up and throughout the course, you can reach out to help@drlibby.com for support.

Underneath each day’s course content there will be a comment section where you can ask questions and interact with both other participants and the Dr Libby support team.

Dr Libby will show up in your inbox daily via email and videos. Additionally, twice throughout the program you will be invited to send your questions to Dr Libby and she will answer them in a podcast format.

This course is suitable for any woman wanting to gain a better understanding of her body and her health, particularly those women who struggle with body fat mobilisation.

If you have a heart condition or any cardiovascular health concerns, please consult with your qualified healthcare professional before enrolling in this course. In many cases it will be suitable, however it is essential that your decision to participate in this course is made in conjunction with a medical professional.

If you have any health conditions or concerns, please consult with your qualified healthcare professional before enrolling in this course.

If you are taking any prescribed medications, please consult with your qualified healthcare professional before enrolling in this course.

Absolutely! In this course, Dr Libby will guide you to reconnect with your body and the messages it is sending you, enabling you to better understand what nourishes you and what doesn’t. If you are experiencing symptoms that lead you to suspect you may have food intolerances, it is essential that you consult your GP to rule out any other causes for these symptoms.

While this course is centred on helping you to enhance your health and vitality, pregnancy and breastfeeding are times when your body is primarily focused on growing a little human. It’s important not to make any significant changes during this time without consulting a medical practitioner so we would advise waiting until you’ve finished breastfeeding.

This course is designed to be a journey towards greater health and will address common issues that women experience at all stages of their lives. It is suitable for females who have started menstruating, those who are post-menopausal and everyone in between. Most people will tell you that you have to lose weight to be healthy, when in fact you have to be healthy to lose weight. So with this focus on health you may also find it assists with symptoms such as PMS, irritability, moodiness, headaches, migraines, constipation, IBS, reflux, skin breakouts, bloating, sleeping issues, anxious feelings, foggy brain, exhaustion, or those associated with menopause.


About Dr Libby Weaver

Dr Libby Weaver is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, a nine-time number one bestselling author and an international speaker. Armed with an abundance of knowledge, scientific research and a true desire to help others see their own light and beauty, Dr Libby empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and happiness.