One weekend. A lifetime of knowledge, empowerment and inspiration.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important we will ever have, yet many of us don’t invest the time to uncover the why behind our symptoms and behaviours.

Understanding how your body works, why it presents you with certain symptoms and why you think the thoughts you do, can have the power to change your life and have an incredible ripple effect on those you care about most in this world.


As women, it is so common for us to look in the mirror and only see the blemishes, the bumps in all the wrong places and the unflattering features. We feel like we can’t measure up—no matter what we do—and we sabotage our best efforts to change because we don’t believe we have the ability to do so.

Cultivating a beautiful you begins with a journey inward to observe your current relationship with yourself. Through Dr Libby’s inspirational teaching, understand why you often feel the way you do. Examine the intricate play between nutrition, biochemistry and emotions and glean powerful information that will help you to transform your health and your life.

Be introduced to the restorative practices that Dr Libby personally uses, enjoy an introduction to the “real food” way of eating, explore your beliefs, and leave with an action plan, designed with Dr Libby’s guidance, to help best take care of you from this point forward.

Having designed this program after nearly two decades in practice working with women one-on-one, understanding and transforming their health problems, the Beautiful You Weekend is the closest you can get to having Dr Libby as your personal health practitioner.

With 20 hours of dedicated Dr Libby time, your weekend will include:

  • Your Nervous System: how stress and calm impact your health
  • Elimination and Detoxification: the foundations of health and energy
  • Sex Hormone Balance: how imbalances could be at the bottom of your wellness challenges
  • Beliefs and Behaviours: the power to change your whole world
  • Food and Nutrients: the necessary ingredients for energy and beauty from the inside out
  • Solutions: for body, mind and soul
  • Movement: Gentle restorative practices
  • Q&A: Gain Dr Libby’s perspective on the health challenges you’re personally facing
  • Morning Mash Up: Dr Libby’s covers the topics you are there to understand and solve
  • Where to From Here: Dr Libby will guide you to create an action plan prioritising your relationship with yourself, your health and wellbeing

Suitable for women aged 14 and up, this event makes for a wonderful mother daughter weekend or a highly impactful investment in your future self.

Dr Libby’s Beautiful You Weekend events have been described as life changing, here what one previous attendee had to say:

“I’ll have to be honest with you, I was a little unsure about what to expect heading in to Dr Libby’s Beautiful You Weekend. I knew I needed to make some serious changes in my life and I was feeling so overwhelmed with where to start – did I need to change what I was eating? How I was moving my body? Did I need the assistance of herbal medicine? Or was there something else? And how was I going to do all of these things while still maintaining my responsibilities in this world.

I had been suffering from severe headaches and digestive issues, my skin had broken out and I was constantly exhausted. I was pushing through my work week and then collapsing into bed each weekend only to recover enough to do it all again the following week. The cycle was relentless.

After spending two days with Dr Libby at her Beautiful You Weekend, it was like the lights suddenly came on. I found myself uttering “oh that’s why”, “that makes so much sense”, to myself throughout the weekend as Dr Libby educated us on why our bodies present with certain symptoms and what we needed to do to correct them.

After feeling like I was swimming in a sea of conflicting health information and not knowing which way to go, I felt like I could finally see the way forward. I left the weekend with so much knowledge and so many tools that I could immediately put into action.

I believe that all women would benefit enormously from attending this event. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Knowledge truly is power.

Hand on heart, I honestly credit this weekend as the catalyst that changed my life.”

Beautiful You Weekend



17th & 18th November, 2018

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24th & 25th November, 2018

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