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January 2017

Happy New Year. As one year comes to a close and another one begins, we often find ourselves thinking about the year ahead. For some this will involve New Year’s Resolutions – a new year a new you. For others, it will involve setting goals – embracing 2017 with gusto and making it the best yet. This kind of approach can be amazingly helpful and give us clear markers to identify where we were before and where we are now. It can also make us incredibly action focused and create a sense of purpose in our lives to achieve specific things by a specific date. Yet for others, such an approach equates to feelings of pressure, that sabotage the very tasks they’ve set out to accomplish.

In this headspace, many are so focused on what they feel they must achieve, that they’ve forgotten entirely about joy. We forget about cherishing the magic that lies within everyday moments. We forget to let ourselves have what we already have.

Make 2017 the year that you notice, take in and allow yourself the pleasure of everything already within your life and the majesty of the world around us. Instead of setting goals, ask instead what lights you up. What makes you feel full of joy, passion, wonder and energy? What makes you feel so incredibly grateful just to be alive? Create more space for these things in your life and watch the essence of this form the foundation of health and energy that is rarely discussed.

And with that energy – along with the energy you gain from nourishing your body to the fullest – what are you going to do? It is my hope that you make the most of every single moment, both the challenging ones and the incredible ones. That you prioritise yourself and your wellbeing, learn to recognise how truly amazing you are, and that the ripple effect of this uplifts, inspires and encourages you and everyone you come into contact with.

I hope your 2017 has started in a way that lights you up.

With Warmth,

Dr Libby xx

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