The 30 Essential Beauty Gems

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30 days of daily beauty gems from Dr Libby to educate and inspire you

Beauty Gems 30 day Online Course

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Have you ever stopped to think how much you spend per month on beauty?

We all spend a lot of money every month to project beauty, yet have you stopped to consider you may be looking at the beauty conundrum from the wrong perspective? What if beauty really is an inside job?

How much are your monthly beauty routines are costing you..?

With the investment cost of the average facial you can understand beauty like never before, enjoying 5 hours of DR Libby’s coaching.

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Dr Libby’s Beauty Pyramid Explained..

Whether it’s acknowledged or not, most women want to feel beautiful. Everyone wants to look their best. We are bombarded with messaging about beauty in every form of media and for many of us, we have become confused as to what steps we need to take to get the outcomes we seek. Thousands of dollars per year are spent by women today in their quest for beauty across skin care, cosmetics , treatments and the fashion they wear, all to achieve this ‘feel great’ outcome.

Have you ever stopped to think that externally applied beauty remedies may be a symptom of looking for the outcome we desire from the wrong perspective? What if beauty was in fact an inside job and if you could harness your biochemistry – your nails, eyes, hair etc could undergo a massive transformation. Remember that no matter how hard and far you run in an easterly direction looking for the sunset, you just won’t find it – all you have to do is stop and turn around to see it was there all along.

To complement the launch of Dr Libby’s exciting new book, ‘Beauty From The Inside Out’, Dr Libby has created her latest video coaching program, the 30 Essential Beauty Gems. This program looks at the 5 layers of the beauty pyramid and gives you amazing insights into what your body is seeking to achieve optimal health and shine. It’s important to consider that beauty ‘bumps in the road’ are not simply a visual beauty concern but are key indicators to areas of your health that seek improvement.

Like any pyramid each layer is built up on the foundations of the layer below it. If you are missing a vital component of that foundation layer, then the proceeding layer will not be as strong as it needs to be and is compromised. Beauty is very much the same. if you are missing just a couple of these gems then your desired outcome can too be compromised.

During this course Libby will guide you every day via her approximately 10 minute coaching videos, with subjects such as aging, fats that help our skin, how our skin forms, what vitamins and mineral our body needs for beauty, what makes our hair shine, the importance of beauty sleep, pimples and skin congestion, cellulite, acne and ‘backne’ (back acne), great nails, facial hair, dry and oily skin and the clues your face give us as to where your body needs help. And more!
12 Fundamentals of Beauty
  • Beauty Gems 1-2: Essential Fats
  • Beauty Gems 3-4: Aging
  • Beauty Gems 5-7: Layers of Skin
  • Beauty Gem 8: Vitamins
  • Beauty Gem 9: Minerals
  • Beauty Gem 10: Sleep
  • Beauty Gem 11: Protein
  • Beauty Gem 12: Hair
9 Beauty Challenges
  • Beauty Gem 13: Pimples/Skin Congestion
  • Beauty Gem 14: Fluid Retention
  • Beauty Gem 15: Cellulite
  • Beauty Gem 16: Acne/Backne
  • Beauty Gem 17: Nails
  • Beauty Gem 18: Dry Skin/Oily Skin See-saw
  • Beauty Gem 19: Facial Hair
  • Beauty Gem 20: Bad Breath and Body Odour
  • Beauty Gem 21: What We Eat and Drink
6 Critical Beauty Processes
  • Beauty Gems 22-23: Digestion and Bloating
  • Beauty Gem 24: Liver Detox
  • Beauty Gem 25: Kidneys and the Urinary System
  • Beauty Gem 26: Sex Hormones
  • Beauty Gem 27: Thyroid
2 Tell Tale Beauty Signs
  • Beauty Gem 28: Eyes: What They Reveal
  • Beauty Gem 29: What The Face Reveals
1 Beauty Belief
  • Beauty Gem 30: Beliefs
This course will explain to you like never before the levers to pull to get the beauty outcome you seek…
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