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Do you often feel overwhelmed? Or in a daily battle to keep up, rarely getting through your never-ending to-do list, at times feeling out of control and as though you’re surviving rather than thriving? If so, you may be experiencing the first signs of Rushing Woman’s Syndrome…

Between deadlines and financial responsibilities, school runs and household duties, caring for loved ones of all ages and intimate relationships, our lives can be demanding. We’re often wound up, running ourselves ragged in a daily battle to get things done, feeling as though there’s so much to do, and yet never quite getting on top of things.

This perceived need to rush and the relentless pursuit to be all things to all people is causing detrimental changes to our bodies and driving a long term crisis in women’s health.

Libby embraces a holistic approach by treating the root cause of an ailment. Her extensive knowledge of how the body works makes her a “one-stop shop” in achieving and maintaining ultimate health and well being.

- Deborra-lee and Hugh Jackman

Dr Libby Weaver as featured in

The true cost of constantly rushing and the impact this can have on our health.

In this book, nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver explains the true cost of constantly rushing and the impact this can have on our health. Through these pages you’ll learn:

  • How and why your body interprets constant rushing as a ‘stress’
  • How an imbalanced nervous system may be causing you to gain weight or disrupting your sleep
  • Why you feel tired but wired and how to identify if you have adrenal fatigue
  • Whether stress might be behind your sluggish thyroid
  • How daily stressors may be affecting your sex-hormone balance and contributing to issues such as PMS, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, infertility, and debilitating menopause symptoms
  • Why stress could be at the heart of your bloating, cravings or unpredictable appetite
  • How your emotional landscape holds the key to leading a fulfilling life without the need to rush.

This book offers real solutions to restore your health, so that you can stay productive, healthy and energised in today’s world.

Don’t let it take a health crisis to wake you up to change the way you’re living and get to the heart of what’s driving your rush, allowing you to live a more meaningful life that you love.