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What Am I Supposed to Eat?

Making sense of food confusion

Libby embraces a holistic approach by treating the root cause of an ailment. Her extensive knowledge of how the body works makes her a “one-stop shop” in achieving and maintaining ultimate health and well being.

- Deborra-lee and Hugh Jackman


For many people, deciding what to eat is often filled with confusion, fuelled by temptation or convenience and leaves them begging the question, “So, what am I supposed to eat?”

From knowing how much, what kind, to whether the latest food trend is ‘the one’ we need to follow, food has become overwhelming. And then there are those moments when you feel like no amount of food could satisfy your hungry heart. This book is a fork in the road when it comes to better understanding your food, your body, your appetite and what you are supposed to eat.

In this practical, inspirational, and visually beautiful book, Dr Libby pours her two decades of knowledge, research and clinical experience into comprehensive and easy­ to-read articles, step-by-step guides, worksheets and real-life examples, to help you answer the question, “So, what am I supposed to eat?”

Dr Libby Weaver as featured in

Dr Libby Weaver as featured in

Dr Libby has been featured in Vouge, Sunday Telegraph, Food Matters, Women's Weekly, TEDx, The Today Show, The Huffington Post and The Times.

What Am I Supposed to Eat?

Find Out:

  • What to eat, how often, how much and why
  • Ways to know if you’re intolerant to a food
  • The conversations we need to be having about our food
  • How to stop carbohydrates causing you chaos
  • Why food may be making you feel tired, bloated or uncomfortable
  • How to stop dieting or counting calories and experience sustained weight loss
  • How to talk to young girls about food
  • How to transform your relationship with food – forever.

This is the go-to guide for making informed choices about food that won’t go out of date. It’s time to stop living in fear that everything you put into your mouth will affect the size of your body. It’s possible to change your relationship with food – forever.