Ready to experience better health?
Do you feel out of control if you’re not on a diet?

When I suggest to someone that they stop dieting, the biggest roadblock I hear is:

“But how do I manage my weight if I’m not on a diet?”

For so many people, dieting has become the only way they feel in control of their bodies and their weight. So, they jump in and out of diets – fluctuating between feeling good about their bodies and feeling out of control.

The biggest hitch with this approach to eating is …

The diet feels like the safety net but it’s actually not. The diet is part of the problem.

Right now, we’re wrapping up another Weight Loss for Women program and one of the things I’m hearing from so many women in the course is how they feel like they’ve regained an innate trust in their approach to eating. They no longer wake up thinking about what they will or won’t eat for the day or waste precious energy beating themselves up about what they ate yesterday.

Weight Loss for Women is not a diet. It’s a nine week weight loss course designed to help you better understand how your body works, why it gives you the symptoms it does and which levers lead to weight loss, better energy and vibrant health.

If you’d like to get off the dieting merry-go-round for good and free yourself from a poor quality relationship with your body, join me for our next intake of Weight loss for women.

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