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Weight Loss for Women - Online Weight Loss Course
Focusing on body fat is not the solution. Here’s why.

So many women focus entirely on their body weight but this is only one small part of a much bigger picture. 

Discovering why your body is storing body fat is the key to unlocking exceptional health as well as your weight loss struggles.

There are 9 factors that determine whether the body will store or burn body fat as a fuel. When you uncover which one is the key for you, weight loss becomes effortless. And we don’t say that lightly! 

In this video, Dr Libby explains how body fat is simply a symptom and why you need to address the underlying cause to experience lasting change. 

Ready to learn more about how to take the best care of yourself and switch your body from fat storage to fat burning mode in the process?

Weight Loss for Women starts Monday and enrolments close in just over 48 hours. Get in quick!

Weight Loss for Women - Online Weight Loss Course
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