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Books by Dr Libby Weaver

The Beauty Guide offers beauty solutions and wisdom that will help to transform the way you feel about yourself.

This is the go-to guide for making informed choices about food that won’t go out of date. It’s time to stop living in fear that everything you put into your mouth will affect the size of your body.

Reboot your diet, improve your sleep, understand your hormones, reduce your stress and manage the demands on your time. Over 100 recipes and meal ideas packed with energy-giving goodness.

Learn what women of all ages need to know from this inspiring book, which includes step-by-step guides, worksheets, real-life examples and quotes.

Best Seller

In Accidentally Overweight Dr Libby explores the must know nine factors essential to successful and sustainable weight loss.

Simple but powerful strategies to help liberate yourself from exhaustion and live a life with more energy.

Best Seller

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome offers you real solutions to both the biochemistry and the emotional patterns of the rush.

Best Seller

Dr Libby will arm you with the wisdom to stop dieting and depriving yourself and start thriving. Stop dieting and start nourishing.

The Real Food Chef, a truly beautiful book that will revolutionise the way you are nourished.

Best Seller

The Real Food Kitchen will inspire you to take better care of yourself with the delicious and nutritious recipes featured.

Drinks, sauces, snacks, baking, puddings and desserts that your body, mind and soul will thank you for.

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