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Jenny Brooks

Senior Practitioner / Naturopath

As the only practitioner Dr Libby has trained in her unique and powerful method that combines nutrition, biochemistry and emotions, Jenny will help you to get to the heart of your challenges and guide you toward experiencing a profound and lasting change in your health.

Deeply compassionate and highly skilled, Jenny specialises in nutritional biochemistry and pathophysiology. She takes an individualistic approach to client care with the sole focus of getting to the heart of your challenges.

Feel empowered to make the changes that best support your body and your health.

Jenny is adept at getting to the heart of numerous health challenges and helping you to initiate lasting change.

What if those troubling symptoms were just your body trying to tell you that something needs to change? Jenny can help you to heal your body by guiding you in learning to understand the messages its communicating to you.

Armed with an abundance of experience and a true desire to transform your health, she’ll listen closely to what is troubling you and work directly with what your body is presenting. Recognising that tests alone don’t always tell the whole story, together you’ll explore what led your body to create the symptoms you’re experiencing so that you can find the quickest road out.

Deeply compassionate and highly skilled, a naturopathic consultation with Jenny in our Auckland clinic is a wonderful investment in your health. If you’ve tried everything and are still yet to find solutions to your challenges—this is the path to take. 

Diagnostics we use:

  • Bio Screen DNA stool testing
  • Dr Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis
  • Path Lab – blood tests
  • DUTCH Hormone Testing – adrenal and sex hormones
  • PCNZ – 24-hour saliva cortisol test

What to expect from a consultation

At their heart, a consultation with Jenny is about helping you to decipher what your body is trying to communicate to you so that you’re able to make simple and specific changes that will lead to you experiencing freedom from your health challenges. 

To gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of what has brought you to the clinic, Jenny will ask you specific questions about your health, lifestyle and presenting challenges. All of this will give her clues as to what is truly going on in your body. From here, Jenny will listen to your key concerns and provide guidance around new perspectives and habits, as well as herbal or nutritional medicine where required, to shift your challenges and lead to true nourishment.

Feel empowered to make the changes that best support your body and your health.


In your first consultation Jenny will listen to your current health concerns, assess your medical history and develop an individualised plan based on your symptomology and history. This plan will be your personal guide to help you achieve your goals and will explain to you exactly how the changes you are making will benefit you.

Where your body needs that extra ‘oomph’ to kick start it into action you will have access to the highest-grade practitioner prescription herbal and nutritional medicine available in New Zealand and Australia.

You will leave your first consultation feeling engaged, empowered and ready to go.

Jenny will start with a blank page and fresh eyes. From there she will begin a dialogue specific to what you’re experiencing as well as covering other aspects of your health that may be linked and provide her with clues as to what’s going on. You will not be lumped into a particular category or receive a generic handout. This is a unique experience tailored with you, not for you.

Tailored health plans are based on a multitude of factors relevant to you such as symptomology (what you are feeling), pathology (how your body is responding) as well as diet and lifestyle.

You do not need to have any pathology tested before your first consultation but if you already have bloods results, do send them through to the Dr Libby clinic prior to your appointment.

Your symptomology (what you’re experiencing) speaks 1000 words more than the numbers on the page so, while pathology is great, my main mission is to listen to you and really hear you. If your blood tests say one thing but your symptoms show another then I will work with your symptoms.

We recommend a check in every 4-6 weeks to ensure you are still on track and assess if there are any tweaks that need to be made. Sometimes small tweaks can be the catalyst for long term life change.

Your initial 50 minute consultation is $275 NZD and this includes your tailored plan.

Your follow up 30 minute consultation is $140 NZD.

Where I can see your body really needs extra support more than diet and lifestyle change Jenny will recommend therapeutic strength herbal medicine to give it that extra boost. We recommend putting aside a little extra for this if you want to take your herbs home right away.

Just send a quick email to with a brief outline of your health challenge and the team will be able to confirm for you.

Where is the Dr Libby Clinic?

Address: Old South British Building, Level 8, 3 Shortland Street,, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9-377 6046


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