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  • “The way Dr Libby presented this course and the additional downloads of information was the next level up. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to lose weight or for anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing in general…”

  • “This was by far the best weight loss course I have ever done. I have been empowered to not only lose weight but be the best version of myself that I can be, thank you so much Dr libby for this life changing experience”


The Side-Effects of Fast Living

There are some periods in our life that are unavoidably busy. We might have multiple deadlines, an influx of unavoidable commitments or it’s school holidays and we’re trying to juggle between kids and work. But what happens if that busyness never subsides?

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Preventing Illness or Disease

For many people, it takes a health crisis to wake them up to make changes to their lifestyle choices. But by this time, those health problems may be incredibly challenging to address. Some may even be irreversible, with only improvements, not a cure, possible.

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Is It Just Lousy Genes?

Do you ever wonder if you were just given lousy genes? We’re told that our genetics plays a pivotal role in our health picture — for example, that ultimately it’s genetics that’s responsible for our body shape and size or whether we will develop a particular illness or disease.

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