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  • “This was by far the best weight loss course I have ever done. I have been empowered to not only lose weight but be the best version of myself that I can be, thank you so much Dr libby for this life changing experience”


What’s your vice?

When you’ve had a rough day, what’s the thing you fall back on to make yourself feel better? Is it talking it out with your partner or a friend? Taking a relaxing bath? Or is it more likely to be a glass of wine paired with your preferred ‘comfort’ food? If it’s the latter, you’re […]

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I don’t drink that much: the true impact of alcohol on your hormones

Have you ever considered whether your alcohol intake may be interfering with your sex hormone balance? A link between your after-work drink(s) and challenging symptoms such PMS and hot flushes may seem like a stretch… until you learn that there is one organ that is responsible for metabolising both alcohol and our sex hormones, such as estrogen. This organ is our precious liver.

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Top nutrients for beautiful skin

From the soil, health and beauty are born. The soil contains minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which we need to live. But we can’t eat the soil, so we need a medium that is able to supply us with the Earth’s nutrients. The middlemen are plants, as they absorb nutrients from the soil and make them available to us as food.

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