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  • “After completing the 30 Day Quick Start Program and the Condition the Calm program, I have received so many compliments about how great my hair and skin look. I truly believe this is because I now no longer live in that red zone, having given up coffee, drinking less alcohol and making my breathing technique a part of my every day life. It really does work!”

  • “I recently purchased Rushing Woman’s Syndrome Quick Start program and LOVE IT! Access to Dr. Libby in my living room is amazing and allows me to reinforce the messages I’ve heard live and time I need / want to!
    Thank you Dr Libby!”


5 habits that can subtly compromise your health

We all know that many of our lifestyle choices influence our health and wellbeing, however, what we don’t often consider are the small things we repeatedly do that impact our health. I believe it’s important to consider health and wellness changes framed from a positive perspective – for example, how you can help to improve […]

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8 ways to increase the nutrient density of your diet

8 ways to increase the nutrient density of your diet Does it ever cross your mind that you may not be obtaining all of the nutrients you need for outstanding health and energy from your food? Whether that is due to too many poor food choices, decreasing nutrient levels in the soil – so therefore […]

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Nutritional beauty fixes

With the popularity and scope of beauty treatments these days you are able to remedy any ‘beauty’ challenge from the outside in. From hair extensions for thinning hair to covering problematic nails with fake nails, through to tattooed eyebrows to fill in eyebrows that are thinning, these are options that wonderfully make people feel good. […]

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