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Interviews & Public Relations


Deaker On Sport – Dr Libby Interview with Murray Deaker
NZ Herald – Dr Libby Interview with NZ Hearald
International USANA Conference – featuring keynote speakers Dr Libby and Dr Oz
The Today Show – Dr Libby on the Today Show discussing Rushing Woman’s Syndrome
TVNZ One News – The Real Food Story
TVNZ Seven Sharp – Beauty From The Inside Out Story
TVNZ Close Up – The Accidentally Overweight Story
TVNZ One News – Maternal Diet Promotes Genetic Changes During Pregnancy
TVNZ One News – Digestion and weight loss


Coast FM NZ Real Food Kitchen Interview with Brian Kelly
More FM interview with Clark Gayford and Jen Bainbridge

Online Media

ConsciousLifestyle Magazine – Reversing the Effects of Stress – August 2016
Les Mills Website Dr Libby’s Steps To Resolution Results- January, 2014
Foodhub New Zealand– Dr Libby’s Nut Butter Muffin Recipe – January, 2014
NZ Prevention Magazine 5 Reasons You’re Always Tired Feature – November 28, 2013
Sydney Morning Herald– Beauty From The Inside Out – October 18, 2013
Sydney Morning Herald – Tired But Wired – Why you can’t lose weight – July 31, 2013

NZ Herald Online – Dr Libby Weaver: Beauty From The Inside Out (video) – October 1, 2013
NZ Herald Online – How To Achieve Beauty From The Inside Out – September 30, 2013
NZH Viva Magazine– Dr Libby’s Mindful Change Article – October 2011
NZH Viva Magazine– Feeling Groovy (For Summer) Post – November 2010
Yahoo 7 Aus – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – July 19, 2013
Yahoo!7 Rushing Woman’s Syndrome interview
Yahoo NZ – What Stress Is Doing To Your Body – June 10, 2013
Yahoo 7 Aus – Allergy or Intolerance – May 15, 2013

Yahoo NZ – Do You Have Rushing Woman’s Syndrome – March 9, 2012
MSN – Dr Libby Weaver’s health and beauty tips – September 25, 2013 – Dr Libby On Beauty (Video) – October 1, 2013 – Live Chat With Wellbeing Expert Dr Libby Weaver – May 22, 2013
Yahoo NZ – Top Tips for Beauty From The Inside Out -September 16, 2013


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