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My mission is to educate and inspire people, improving their health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.

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  • "I am on day 25 of my Condition the Calm Course and loving living more in my Green Zone! Thank you Dr Libby!" 

    - Donna from Brisbane

  • "I recently purchased Rushing Woman's Syndrome Quick Start program and LOVE IT! Access to Dr. Libby in my living room is only amazing and allows me to reinforce the messages i've heard live and time I need / want to! Thank you Dr Libby!" 

    - Tracy

  • "After completing the 30 Day Quick Start Program and the Condition the Calm program, I have received so many compliments about how great my hair and skin look. I truly believe this is because I now no longer live in that red zone, having given up coffee, drinking less alcohol and making my breathing technique a part of my every day life. It really does work!" 

    - Samantha, Pymble

  • "I bought Rushing Woman's Syndrome as well as the Real Food Chef book in the Whitcoulls sale last week and (WOW) talk about taking off the blinkers! Am slowly going to change the family's diet over the next few weeks, take up Yoga and buy RWS for all my female friends and family birthday/christmas presents until they all own a copy. Thanks os much I feel like i've woken up." 

    - Natalie

  • "I have bought the Rushing Woman's Syndrome book and it is my bible. Great to be on your site! " 

    - Selena

  • "I am 33 weeks pregnant, at the time of conception I was eating the accidentally overweight way. I had gone through 5 miscarriages since my son. I swear that diet put my body in a state that would nurture a new life. I was not over weight just wanted to clean up my diet, just a suggestion to those women out there who are having fertility issues that eating this way could very well help you." 

    - Kaywyn