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In this 90-minute online event replay, Dr Libby will teach you everything you need to know about your thyroid. Including the symptoms your body will give you when it’s overactive or underactive, or generally needing more support. ​

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The thyroid contributes significantly to the pace of things in the body. From how hot or cold you feel, to how much energy (or lack of it) you have each day, to how efficiently you digest food. It also directly impacts your metabolic rate and plays a crucial role in your experience of your menstrual cycle and sex hormones.

Chances are if you’re suffering with symptoms such as exhaustion, unexplained weight gain, body temperature changes, constipation, dry skin and hair that’s getting thinner, your thyroid could be at the heart of the problem.

Many of us know when our thyroid isn’t at its best, and yet our blood tests come back as ‘normal’ – so why are we suffering? And more importantly what can we do about it?

She’ll explain why so many people’s blood tests come back as ‘normal’ yet they feel anything but ‘normal’, and more importantly Dr Libby will teach you the steps to take to get your thyroid thriving again.

Behind the scenes from the last online event.

Come and learn:

  • How the thyroid works
  • Symptoms of an underactive and overactive thyroid, and what to do about these
  • Which blood tests to request when it comes to testing your thyroid, and optimal results
  • The way stress affects the thyroid, and how to notice if yours might be impacted
  • How sex hormone imbalances can interfere with optimal thyroid function
  • Autoimmune conditions, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • How viral infections, like the one that causes Glandular Fever (“Mono”), can affect the thyroid
  • The nutrients essential for great thyroid function
  • Physical signs to spot indicating that your thyroid needs more support

You'll get:

  • 60 minutes of jaw-dropping insights on the thyroid from Dr Libby
  • Access to rewatch the recording for 60 days

Get your thyroid thriving

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About Dr Libby

Dr Libby Weaver is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, a 13 times best-selling author and a renowned international speaker. With a degree in dietetics, a PhD in biochemistry and over 20 years’ experience in clinical practice, Dr Libby draws on her wisdom and expertise to empower people to take charge of their health and happiness.

With a natural ability to break even the most complicated of concepts into layman’s terms, Dr Libby’s health messages embrace her unique three-pillared approach that explore the interplay between nutrition, emotions and the biochemistry of the body. Driven to help women better understand the complexities of their bodies, Dr Libby has spent the greater part of her career exploring the impact of hormones on overall health and how to correct imbalances.

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