Ready to experience better health?

Formerly Beautiful You Weekend

Essential Women’s Health Weekend:

One weekend to transform your physical and emotional health.

Imagine what your life would be like if you no longer woke up with lousy energy, a poor mood, or health challenges that have troubled you for too long.

In this inspiring and intimate weekend, Dr Libby coaches you through the essentials of women’s health. From what to eat and understanding the inner workings of your body, to ways to getting to the heart of your emotional landscape and what to do when you’re suffering with your health.

Upcoming Weekends with Dr Libby:

Using her unique way of educating, Dr Libby will take you on a journey to better understanding yourself and your body, leaving you with an action plan that will help you to take the best care of yourself from this point forward.

Based on her two decades of research and working with women, the Essential Women’s Health Weekend is the closest you can get to having one-on-one time with Dr Libby. You’ll be given plenty of opportunities to raise your health questions with her directly.

Come & Learn

With 20 hours of dedicated Dr Libby time, your weekend will cover:

  • Everything you need know about your physical and emotional health
  • Strategies to manage your stress more effectively
  • How to establish great digestion, detoxification and elimination processes
  • Sex hormones and how to balance them naturally for pain free periods, clear skin and a gentle menopause transition
  • Your emotional health, including an exploration of your beliefs and values, and their impact on your moods, choices and behaviour
  • The nutrients you need for exceptional energy and radiant skin, hair and nails
  • Some gentle restorative practices that you can easily do at home
  • An audience Q&A with Dr Libby where you can gain her perspective on health challenges you’re personally facing
  • A take-home action plan

The Essential Women’s Health Weekend is suitable for women 14 and up, making it a wonderful mother daughter experience or a highly impactful investment in your future self.

Dr Libby created this weekend from a deep desire to help women understand how to decipher their body’s messages and to help them discover new ways of living, learning and deeply appreciating how incredible they are.

We truly hope you can join us for this special experience.

About Dr Libby

Dr Libby Weaver is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, a 13 times best-selling author and a renowned international speaker. With a degree in dietetics, a PhD in biochemistry and over 20 years’ experience in clinical practice, Dr Libby draws on her wisdom and expertise to empower people to take charge of their health and happiness.

With a natural ability to break even the most complicated of concepts into layman’s terms, Dr Libby’s health messages embrace her unique three-pillared approach that explore the interplay between nutrition, emotions and the biochemistry of the body. Driven to help women better understand the complexities of their bodies, Dr Libby has spent the greater part of her career exploring the impact of hormones on overall health and how to correct imbalances.


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