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When the festive season adds to your invisible load

The Christmas period can be a time of joy and celebration—yet for many people it also becomes a time of increased pressure and responsibility. Whether it’s juggling children on school holidays, organising family get-togethers or never seeming to get to the end of a long mental list, there’s no doubt that there is plenty to think about and get done. 
But busy doesn’t have to mean stressful. Your day might be full but that doesn’t have to equate to stress.
We create the stress for ourselves by placing ourselves under immense pressure. 
Pressure to have everything perfect, to ensure everyone is happy, to buy the right gifts, to do everything ourselves, to go to that event even if we don’t feel like it…

It wouldn’t matter if you didn’t have everything perfect, or if you chose to stay in over attending that event. It’s the caring about how others might see us that can increase our invisible load—particularly over the holiday season. 

There’s a saying that comes to mind right now:

Where attention goes, energy flows.

So, what if, instead of getting caught up in the mayhem of Christmas, you focused your attention on the joyous aspects of the season? How lovely it is to spend such precious quality time with those you love. The wonder and enchantment that captures a child’s heart. The changes in the trees and the landscape as a new season unfolds. 

Refocusing our attention as well as being clear on our values and priorities, can entirely change our response to a situation—and in situations like this, where we can often create stress and pressure for ourselves—there’s no better solution to reducing the weight of your invisible load. 

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