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8 Ways To Reinvigorate Your Life

Last updated on June 18th, 2019

From time to time you might start to feel fatigued by your life. Maybe you’ve lost any spontaneity and this makes you feel bored, maybe you’re not fulfilled by your work anymore or maybe you are beyond stressed and living in a completely reactive state.

Perhaps the pace of your life means that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t reach the bottom of your to-do list and it feels like you’re drowning in work. Slow down and look after yourself. Without our health we have nothing.

Here are eight simple ways to look after yourself and help reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.

1. Create a morning ritual

Some of the world’s busiest people, attribute their ability to remain calm amidst the juggling act of life, to their morning ritual. Whether it is five minutes, 20 minutes or an hour, whether it is a game of tennis, a walk, meditation, reading or simply drinking a cup of tea while you gaze out the window and think of the things in your life that you are grateful for, time by yourself can set you up for a day with more energy.

2. Make a cup of green tea and listen to your favourite music

Drink some green or chamomile tea and savour the tea break. Music is also a great way to feel relaxed or invigorated. If it’s soothing instrumental music, or music with a great beat and no words, this may even help you focus. Just a tea-break alone is enough to reset your day.

3. Make a new recipe

Indulge yourself in the sights and smells of a delicious, new recipe. Experiment with making a nourishing home-made soup. Add some invigorating ginger and garlic to a soothing broth. Wake up your taste-buds.

4. Create a tech-free zone in your home for one day a week.

It’s hard to imagine a world without the sounds of cellphones and emails – but it is possible. Take a break from technology once a week, and feel your nervous system start to calm; it can happen almost immediately. Allow yourself the time to just be.

5. Prioritise fun

When life feels like it is all work and no play, it’s very easy to feel fatigued with life. We need things to look forward to and opportunities to be silly and laugh and just play. If you feel silly playing games or making jokes, watch a comedy film and don’t hold back. There’s nothing like a deep belly laugh.

6. Re-evaluate the to-do-list

Re-evaluate your to-do-list. How many of the tasks need to be done by you? How many can be done by a colleague, family member or friend? How many of them need to be done at all? How many of them need to be done now?

7. Put your legs up the wall

A great way help you breathe diaphragmatically is to lay on your back with your legs up the wall. Lie in this position for five to 10 minutes and focus on your breath. Place a folded towel under your back or bottom for support if you like. Take 10 minutes to fully relax into this pose, it’s especially soul-nourishing with some soothing music.

8. Move your body

Get outside and enjoy the beautiful fresh air. Go by yourself or walk with a friend or colleague, you might really enjoy having company as you wake up your mind with the beautiful sights of nature. Or try something new to really break up your movement routine. Garden, go for a bike ride, go skating or try a different style of yoga.

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