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In this 60-minute online event, come and learn from Dr Libby as she teaches you why so many women struggle through perimenopause and the steps you can take to ease that suffering, naturally.

No matter how broken you believe your metabolism is, it is possible to get it humming again, and in this 60-minute online event Dr Libby is going to teach you how.

In this 60-minute online event Dr Libby will teach you everything you need to know about your thyroid. Including the symptoms your body will give you when it’s overactive or underactive, or generally needing more support.

One weekend to transform your physical and emotional health

In this inspiring and intimate weekend, Dr Libby coaches you through the essentials of women’s health. From what to eat, how to move, ways to get to the heart of your emotional landscape and what to do when you’re suffering with your health.