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This is why you need to turn into your pain instead of trying to avoid it

Last updated on June 22nd, 2023

In today’s society, there is a prevailing notion that feeling anything other than happiness or coping well with life’s challenges is inherently not acceptable. As a result, many of us strive to avoid discomfort and judge ourselves for not always being in a jolly state of mind. However, constantly trying to dampen down or push away our pain can mean we are not seeing things ‘as they are’ and as a result, stunting our potential for shifts in perception, growth and fresh choices. For it is through pain that we typically find opportunities for growth and gain valuable insights, forming a solid foundation for a meaningful life.

Consider the example of recurrent headaches. Many people approach these headaches as a mere deficiency of painkillers, without delving deeper into the underlying causes. Could it be related to our diet or unstable blood glucose levels? Do these headaches coincide with our menstrual cycle? Perhaps they are a result of poor posture after sitting at a desk for prolonged hours or the overwhelming pressure of urgent tasks. Has our breathing become shallow and rapid instead of slow and diaphragmatic?

Taking a pill to alleviate the pain might cause us to overlook the true message our body is trying to convey. Neglecting to examine these signals could lead to more significant health challenges down the road, burdening us with additional struggles. Our body does not want us to suffer; it seeks to survive and thrive. Physical pain can serve as a means of communication, conveying information that we may otherwise overlook. Emotional pain or discomfort is no different. What if this too is intended to facilitate our growth, learning and a more balanced perception of something, or of many things?

Sometimes, emotional pain feels seemingly everlasting or intermittently intense. Within this pain might lay a part of ourselves that we have yet to fully embrace and love. The feelings are often guiding us to accept aspects of ourselves that we have harshly judged or failed to acknowledge. They may also shed light on fears that manifest as stress.

Love is our innate nature, while fear is something we learn. Our journey in life involves a lot of unlearning and often a relinquishing of fears, so we can return to a place of love. Instead of waiting until our final moments, let us uncover the truth sooner, living our lives authentically rather than through the lens of our fearful and self-imposed narratives. I’m not saying any of this is easy. It usually isn’t. Yet it can be worth doing our best to consider if we are living with the belief that what occurs TO us, rather happens FOR us – in order for us to be the most evolved expression of our soul as possible.

When you turn towards your pain rather than trying your best to pretend it’s not there, you may even find it’s not as big or challenging to work through as you perceive it will be. While some life experiences are deeply painful, quite often our mind makes things much bigger and harder than they actually are. Remember that beauty and pain co-exist in every moment. It’s just that we are usually focussed on one or the other. Remember too, that you aren’t alone. Support is always available if you need a helping hand or an understanding ear.

Recently, an article was published that caught my eye. The title read: “Organic meat production just as bad for climate, study finds”. The analysis


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