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Do you love learning from Dr Libby? 

We do too. And to be honest, one of the perks of the job is being able to ask Dr Libby for guidance when we get stuck with our health. 

The women in her online Weight Loss for Women course get this opportunity too. And the added bonus? All health topics are on the table—not just those relating weight loss.

If you’re curious to hear what one of these is like, or you just love learning from Dr Libby, then you might like to listen to this FREE one hour audio. Here, we’ve taken a series of questions from previous participants and recorded Dr Libby’s answers.

In this audio she talks about:

  • Vegetarianism, and if someone has recently transitioned to a vegetarian way of eating are they able to get everything they need from their food or do they need to supplement?
  • Emotional eating, and why someone might find it difficult to stop themselves devouring food on autopilot while standing at the fridge after dinner
  • Hormonal symptoms that have seemingly appeared out of the blue, including pigmentation, hot flushes or a change in your blood flow, and what to do about them.
  • And so much more, including thinning hair, hormonal headaches, acne and sugar cravings.

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