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Are you estrogen dominant?

Of the tens of thousands of women I’ve met, one of the more common hormonal patterns I see is estrogen dominance.

This is where estrogen levels are too high in relation to progesterone in the second half of a woman’s cycle. It can be due to too much estrogen, not enough progesterone, or both—which is commonly the case.

This imbalance can wreak havoc in a woman’s body.

Being estrogen dominant can affect the way you look, how you feel and your experience of your monthly cycle or menopause.

If a woman is of menstruating age, estrogen dominance—whether the result of excess estrogen and/or low progesterone—can be behind heavy and/or painful periods and PMS. It can also drive weight gain, particularly around the hips and thighs.

During perimenopause or menopause, this imbalance can drive uncomfortable symptoms such as mood swings or anxious feelings, insomnia and increases in body fat, cold hands and feet, as well as surges in heat. Post-menopausally, we make estrogen from our body fat and adrenal glands, and progesterone from our adrenal glands so our hormones can still be driving uncomfortable symptoms later in life too.

The good news is, no matter what stage of life you’re at, it is possible to get your hormones into a healthy balance naturally.

You can experience a period that simply shows up, and have a gentle transition through menopause—without drenching the sheets, waking up through the night or wondering why you have gained weight through your middle.

If you’d like to learn the steps you can take to bring your hormones into balance then I hope you’ll join me at my upcoming tour, The Hormone Factor: emotions, ageing, beauty. It’s suitable for women of all ages and is a great event to bring your teens along to as well.

During our time together, in a fun and lighthearted way, we’ll look at the various hormones in your body, including the way they affect ageing, emotions and beauty (think hair loss, for example), and I’ll help you to understand what you can do to support balanced hormones.

I’d love to see you there – remaining dates and locations available here.

With warmth,

Dr Libby x

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